You won't be able to buy a high-capacity 5-bit PLC SSD until 2025, according to WD

You won't be able to buy a high-capacity 5-bit plc ssd until 2025, according to wd

The Penta-level cell flash (PLC) may be the next logical step for SSDs, but Western Digital does not believe the technology is ready for prime time until at least 2025 (via Tom & # 39; s Hardware). The reason for the delay is that newer, more powerful drivers will be needed to make the change to the PLC worthwhile.

The most popular storage technology currently used by SSDs is the three-level cell flash (TLC), which uses eight voltage levels to store three bits per cell. The four-level cell flash (QLC) uses 16 voltage levels to store four bits per cell, but requires advanced error correction along with wear leveling and over-supply to maximize resistance.

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